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Welcome to The Essential Chemical Industry - online

This is a reference library of the world’s principal industrial chemicals, their uses and their manufacture using current industrial processes and innovations.  This new web-based edition has been developed from the latest edition of a book of the same title.  It is intended for:

  • school, college and university students and their teachers
  • as well as industrial chemists and employees of chemical companies needing a quick reference or overview

This online version adds, as well as updates, exciting interactive research capability to this internationally-renowned educational publication.


About the The Essential Chemical Industry

A review of the 5th and latest edition of the book


An invitation
We invite you to write to us if you have any specific comments about this site, for example errors that you have found, suggestions for new topics or for adding to the existing units, suggestions for links to other sites and additions or alternatives to our examples.
Please send these comments to:
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The book, The Essential Chemical Industry (ECI) is already one of the most highly respected and up-to-date educational resources about the chemical industry.  Now this innovative web-hosted edition, with easy cross-referencing and drill-down capability, achieves new levels of access for the student, researcher and industrial chemist alike.

It is produced by CIEC Promoting Science, formerly the Chemical Industry Education Centre, an independent non-profit organization in the Department of Chemistry, University of York, UK.

Written by members of the Centre’s staff, and with the advice of over 200 experts in the field, the site is systematically reviewed and updated to ensure that it remains relevant and authoritative.


How to use this site

As with the book, you can simply dive in and enjoy a journey of exploration - OR you can research information with more precision.  Follow the link for some useful tips on finding your way around the site.
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