In The Essential Chemical Industry - Online, there are 76 units which describe key aspects of the chemical industry in a concise way. They are designed so that you can ‘dip in’ to them to retrieve the information you need.

Although the units are self-contained, you will find that throughout this web site there are cross-references to material in other units, which is easily obtained by the designated hyperlinks. There is also a facility which allows you to search the whole site. These two approaches will help you to follow up related topics and to explore more widely.

75 of the units are presented in five thematic groups:

  1. Industrial processes
  2. Materials and applications
  3. Basic chemical
  4. Polymers
  5. Metals

These are preceded by an Introduction to the Chemical Industry. This is an overview of the current state of the chemical industry worldwide and is divided into 10 main sections: