CIEC Promoting Science at the University of York, York, UK

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ECI online:  its genesis

In the 1970s, some school and university chemistry courses began to introduce industrial topics and the 1980s saw a growing demand for these courses to include a greater understanding of industrial and technological processes.  However, examiners, teachers and their students struggled to find this information and it was often unreliable and out of date.

The Essential Chemical Industry, first published in 1985, was a targeted response to this problem.  It was produced by CIEC Promoting Science, based in the Department of Chemistry, University of York.

The book gave easy access to modern information that was thoroughly researched and checked by industrial chemists and engineers.

There have been 5 editions of the book, which at their time of publication have presented the very latest available information.

The 1985 edition was aimed at schools, but since then the book’s remit expanded to include university students and industrialists.

We have taken the 5th edition, published at the end of 2010, as our starting point and, in revising it, we have wherever possible used the latest data.  We have also made several significant revisions as the industry has made some remarkable innovations even over the short time that has elapsed between the fifth edition and the present.

John Lazonby
David Waddington

York, 2013